Water Softener Installation in Salt Lake City and the Surrounding Areas

For a full range of water softening, conditioning and purification solutions for your home or business in Salt Lake City, you’ll appreciate the great service and expertise you’ll receive from Scott Hale Plumbing. In fact, Scott Hale’s family are in their 50th year of installing water softeners in Utah! From repairs to new installations and the latest technology – it’s soft, pure water for your home or business.

What are the benefits of a water conditioning solution from Scott Hale Plumbing?

Softer Water
Salt Lake City is renowned for its hard water. According to the local Department on Public Utilities, the average water hardness across the city is 13 grains of hardness per gallon, which increases further in summer. On a scale of water hardness, anything over 10.5 grains per gallon is considered ‘very hard’. It creates a range of problems (see below) which installing a water softening or conditioning solution in your home can help alleviate.

Better Cleaning
You can enjoy a luxurious lather in the bath and shower, especially when using shampoo, with softer water in your home. In fact, when using all manner of detergents and cleaning agents with water, from washing your clothes to cleaning your home you’ll see an improved performance which makes everything easier to clean. Not only that, but it will save you on the wasted detergents, shampoo and agents you were having to use to try to compensate for the pure water.

Prevents Damage
Scale build-up in your appliances and pipes can damage them and make for expensive repairs or premature replacements. Examples of appliances that can benefit from softer water include your water heater, your washing machine and your dishwasher. In a commercial setting, protecting appliances from such scale build-up can be even more critical. It’s a similar situation in your fresh water pipes where scale, if left uncontrolled, can block the pipes creating water pressure problems.

Purer Water
In addition to softening and conditioning, you can also consider a range of water purification upgrades. Did you know that in parts of Salt Lake City (according to the Department of Public Utilities own statistics) the water coming from your tap can typically have impurities such as arsenic at one ppb and cyanide at seven ppb! They’re just some of the typical impurities present in your water, including phosphates and sulfides, and a range of compounds. So it’s no wonder that many families prefer the crisp, clean taste of purer water from a water purification system, not to mention the peace of mind that comes with years of worry-free consumption.

When you speak with us about your water conditioning and purification options, you’ll quickly discover the Scott Hale Plumbing difference. We can help you with friendly, expert advice on choosing the right system for your needs and your budget. We can even show you the systems that have the best warranties and the comparative running costs. And if you do choose Scott Hale Plumbing to help install your system, you can count on a satisfaction guaranteed level of service – we’ll look after you and your home, be on-time, considerate and tidy.

Scott Hale Plumbing is the astute choice for all your water softening, conditioning and purification needs in Salt Lake City – so for help with repairs or with choosing your new system, contact us today!

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