Tankless Water Heaters

Salt Lake City‘s Tankless Hot Water Experts

For the ultimate hot water solution for your home in Salt Lake City, consider a tankless hot water system installed by Scott Hale Plumbing. We’re Salt Lake City’s on-demand hot water experts!

What’s so amazing about tankless hot water?
It’s ‘endless’ hot water created on-demand! With a properly rated system, you won’t run out of hot water again.

It can save on your energy costs!
Tankless hot water systems use less energy than tank systems for the same hot water usage. And why is that? Because a tank hot water system has to keep the water hot all day and night on the off-chance that you’ll need it, but it inevitably cools and needs to be reheated as the day goes on. A tankless system only heats the water when its needed.

Tankless systems generally last longer!
This means lower maintenance and replacement costs. Speak to us about some of the industry-leading warranties available!

It’s a ‘greener’ solution!
Heating hot water is one of the biggest domestic energy uses in the US, so any system that can reduce that burden on energy usage can help the environment from greenhouse gas emissions.

Financing is available!
Financing options can make it even more affordable. Speak to us about our financing options – with your on-going utility and maintenance savings spread out over several easy payments, a brand new tankless system may be even more affordable than you thought.

If a tankless hot water system sounds like it might be the right choice for you, or if you have any questions – call or email Scott Hale Plumbing today. We can show you some of the options available, and help size the appropriate system to your home, your family and your lifestyle.

If you’re not yet sure whether to choose a tank or tankless system we can even quote you for both before you decide. And when Scott Hale Plumbing installs your system, you receive our total commitment to your satisfaction, backed by a written guarantee.