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Plumbing Replacement in Salt Lake City


Your plumbing system is only as good as the plumbers who install it, so choose the trusted name among plumbing companies in Salt Lake City — choose Scott Hale! 

At Scott Hale, we recognize how frustrating and inconvenient it can be to live with a plumbing system that doesn’t meet your expectations. That’s why we won’t waste a minute of your time! From the second we approach your door until the moment we finish tightening that last screw, our plumbers know to just roll up their sleeves and get to work on bringing your home plumbing up to speed with your needs. 

Whether you need new toilet plumbing, a whole water heater tank, or even a small sink shut-off valve, there’s no shortage of plumbing fixtures and fittings that we’re willing and capable of replacing for you. You just have to let us know! 

After conducting a thorough inspection, our plumbers will make sure to provide you with their professional opinion as to which parts you should replace. The recommendations are based on what your plumbing system requires to be efficient and what your budget allows for. You get the final say on your plumbing replacement

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Plumbing Replacements Aren’t Our Only Specialty. We Do It All!

Why settle for less when you can have more? When you choose Scott Hale to handle all of your plumbing woes, you get the attention and expertise that only a full-service plumbing company can offer! From your kitchen sink to your bathroom toilet, our expert plumbers can repair, replace, install, or maintain any part of your plumbing system with ease and speed. Enjoy incredible efficiency and utmost convenience like never before with a range of high-quality plumbing services from Scott Hale. 

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Replacing Kitchen Sink Pipes

You spend so much time in the kitchen, from morning until night, that an efficient plumbing system isn’t a want — it’s a need. When you have low water pressure from a damaged pipe or a leaking sink valve that makes a mess in your kitchen, it’s time to call the expert plumbers at Scott Hale. 

Most of the plumbing parts that need replacing in your kitchen are small and incredibly easy to take care of with a same-day service. Whether your kitchen plumbing needs a new sink shut-off valve, an internal pipe, a garbage disposal connector, or even a faucet, you can just sit back and watch the magic happen as our plumbers quickly diagnose the problem, grab their state-of-the-art-tools, and install a new fixture or fitting in no time at all! 

Finally! There are no more leaking sink valves or painful garbage disposal noises making your kitchen an unpleasant place. You can go back to cooking and cleaning in peace after we’re done with your kitchen plumbing services.  

Replacing Toilet Plumbing

In theory, porcelain toilets can last a lifetime! In practice, the internal components need to be replaced every five to ten years. Otherwise, you might find yourself with a leaking, gurgling, or overflowing toilet causing trouble in your bathroom!

When it’s time to replace your current toilet for a new, environmentally-friendly, and more efficient model, you can count on Scott Hale to get it done! We’ll offer you the best choices in toilet replacement options, and perform the installation as soon as possible. Plus, we’ll be the cleanest plumbers to ever enter your home. Before we leave, our team will clean up the workspace and take the old toilet with them, leaving your bathroom even cleaner than we found it.

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