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Humidity Controller for Homes in Salt Lake City & the Surrounding Areas

Taking control of the humidity levels in your home doesn’t just improve your comfort. It is also effective in reducing the effects and symptoms caused by allergies or breathing ailments. When the humidity levels are high, there is more moisture in the air. This makes us sweat and feel hotter, spoiling our indoor comfort. Excessive indoor moisture also creates an environment where mold growth may flourish, as well as conditions that aggravate symptoms for those with allergies and asthma. On the flip side, too little moisture in the air can also be uncomfortable and harmful. Low humidity levels make the environment feel dryer, which can dry out your skin, increase static electricity, and cause breathing difficulties.

Whatever the case may be, you can easily improve your at-home comfort and the efficiency of your heating and air systems with humidity controllers from Scott Hale. Controlling the level of humidity means that your heating and central air systems don’t have to work as hard to reach desired temperatures – the less energy you waste, the less money you spend. If you’re a resident of the Salt Lake City area or any of the surrounding counties, contact us today to set up a consultation with the best comfort consultants around.  

Salt Lake City’s Leading HVAC Technicians

At Scott Hale, we handle all aspects of your indoor comfort. Whether you want to repair a leaking HVAC unit or upgrade to a smart thermostat, we’re the ones to call for fast and friendly service. Your home comfort and safety are our top priorities, so we provide same-day services whenever possible. If you’re looking for a dependable team that shows up on time, prepared, and ready to serve, you won’t regret contacting Scott Hale for all of your HVAC and comfort needs. 

Professional Whole-Home Humidifier Installation

Let’s fix your home’s humidity levels today with the leading humidity controllers on the market! We can remove excess moisture to combat high humidity or add moisture to relieve low humidity. These humidification solutions can be installed as an upgrade to your existing HVAC system. You can then enjoy stable humidity levels and comfortable conditions in your home year-round.

Since home humidifiers are installed directly into your heating or central air system, it’s best to leave this installation to the pros. Our residential indoor air quality experts will take great care to have you involved throughout the process, explain how your new humidity controller works, and clean the workspace after completing the installation. We are certified dealers of many big brands, such as Lennox and Rheem, so we provide you only the best solutions available. You’ll notice a big difference in your home’s humidity levels just days after your humidifier or dehumidifier is installed. 

Is it Time for a Humidifier Replacement?

Just like any part of your HVAC system, there comes a time when you’ll have to replace your humidifier for a newer, more efficient model. On average, humidifiers have a life expectancy of 10 years, and that’s with proper care and maintenance. Since they control your indoor air’s moisture level, these appliances will develop deposits that affect its performance. Sometimes, it’s not worth spending money on repairs if a replacement is in the near future. 

When you’re looking for an HVAC company that can handle the removal of your old humidifier and installation of the new system with ease, you’re looking for Scott Hale. Let us help you choose a humidifier from one of the leading brands, size the system correctly for your home, and complete the installation with no hassle or problems!

Control Your Home Humidity Levels Today!

Stabilize the humidity level within your Salt Lake City home with a humidity controller by calling the home comfort experts at Scott Hale today. You’ll be delighted with the service you receive — 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

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