Humidity Control For Your Salt Lake City Home

Improve at-home comfort and the efficiency of your heating & air systems with humidification solutions from Scott Hale Plumbing, Heating & Air.

  1. Why Control Humidity Levels
    Taking control of the humidity level in your home can improve your at home comfort as well as reduce effects and symptoms experienced by those with allergies or breathing ailments:When the humidity levels are high, there is more moisture in the air. This makes us sweat and feel hotter. It also creates an environment where mold growth may flourish and conditions that aggravate symptoms for those with allergies or breathing ailments.On the flip side, if there isn’t enough moisture in the air (low humidity), this can effect us by making the environment feel dryer. Your skin may feel dryer, the air harsher to breath and it can increase static electricity.
  2. Stabilize Humidity Levels
    We can remove excess moisture to combat high humidity and add moisture to relieve low humidity with a humidification solution which can be installed as an upgrade to your existing HVAC system. You can then enjoy stable humidity levels and comfortable conditions in your SLC home year round.
  3. Improved Energy Efficiency
    Controlling the levels of humidity means your heating & air systems don’t have to work as hard to reach desired temperatures – the less energy you waste the less money you spend.
  4. Full Price Up Front
    You’ll know the full cost of your programmable thermostat upgrade before we commence work as we provide our customers with the full price up front.
  5. Satisfaction Guaranteed Service
    You’ll be delighted with the service you receive, satisfaction guaranteed.

Stabilize the humidity level within your Salt Lake City home and call the home comfort experts at Scott Hale Plumbing, Heating & Air today.

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