Heating Replacement

Heating Replacement in Salt Lake City

One of our HVAC technicians finishing up a furnace replacement at a client’s Salt Lake City home

Sometimes, heating repairs just don’t get the job done. Maybe your furnace is too old, your heat pump too damaged, or your boiler has simply lived the full extent of its service life. Whatever the case, instances like these call for a full-scale heating replacement. At Scott Hale, we have been helping homeowners throughout the greater Salt Lake City area replace their home’s heating systems when their old ones are no longer functional. Whether you are dealing with a heater that needs frequent repairs, an outdated furnace, or an inefficient boiler, our technicians can consult you on the right replacement system for you and your family.

Boiler Replacement

Like any central heating system that may eventually need to be replaced, boilers are subject to normal wear and tear that comes with continued use. More often than not, simple matters such as restricted airflow or a malfunctioning thermostat can be repaired. However, more significant problems like leaking gas or a boiler that’s completely kicked the bucket require replacement. You may want to consider having our team replace your boiler for any of the following:

  • Your boiler is at least 10-15 years old
  • Your existing boiler does not heat your home adequately
  • More efficient boilers will cut down on utility costs
  • Your boiler needs frequent repairs

If you’re interested in our boiler replacement services, rest assured that we can get the job done quickly and efficiently! We’ll consult you on various replacement options and help you select the right boiler for your home’s size, comfort requirements, and budget.

Furnace Replacement

There are several factors involved in knowing that it’s time to replace your gas or electric furnace. Making the correct decision between repairs and a full replacement can save you lots of money as well as time and stress. Consider replacing if you notice that any of the following are true:

  • Your furnace is not as energy-efficient as it used to be
  • Your furnace does not keep your home warm
  • Your furnace is more than 12 years old
  • Repair costs are higher than the cost of replacing it.

When it comes to a furnace replacement, there are many options to choose from. Fortunately, our experienced professionals can help you find a furnace that’s perfect for the size of your home, delivers on the energy-efficiency you desire, and falls within your budgetary requirements! Once you’ve selected a system you’re happy with, we’ll get right to work replacing the old with the new.

Emergency Furnace Replacement

We understand that furnace breakdowns and complications don’t adhere to a schedule. When you are left without heat when you need it the most, or simply cannot deal with a malfunctioning furnace any longer, turn to our emergency furnace replacement services to restore your indoor comfort in no time!

Comprehensive Heating Services in Salt Lake City

In addition to boiler and furnace replacement, we offer the following heating services:


To learn more about how our team of technicians can help you get the most out of your HVAC system, including s central heating system replacement, contact Scott Hale today!

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