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If you’re thinking about a new or upgraded furnace or boiler in Salt Lake City, you’ll appreciate the friendly advice, professional workmanship, and great value you receive from Scott Hale. As the area’s leading heating company for more than three decades, we can provide the ideal solution to any of your home heating challenges and keep your family cozy for many winters to come.

It’s vital that you have your new system sized, designed, and installed by a professional heating contractor. If a system is wrongly sized, it will cycle on and off inefficiently, or fail to keep your home warm. A professional heater installation is also critical to maximizing the energy efficiency of your system — the energy efficiency ratings only measure the potential of the system if it is installed properly. The experienced contractors at our company can help you design the perfect home heating system for your family and lifestyle. We can even show you the relative running costs and warranties of the different brands and models available!

We are experienced with both furnace and boiler installations. If your home is new, we can help with advice on the relative merits of warm air and hydronic systems. In addition to installations, we also offer heating maintenance and heating repair services for all types of systems, and our residential indoor air quality experts can ensure that your heating system is circulating the freshest, cleanest air possible. No matter what your heating needs might be, our company has you covered!

To discuss your heating replacement options, or for friendly advice on choosing the right furnace or boiler installation for your home, call and speak with Salt Lake City’s premier heating company today. Once you experience our exceptional service for yourself, we’re sure you’ll be Scott Hale customers for life!

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What Type of Heater Installation is Right for You?

Having trouble deciding on whether a new boiler or furnace installation is the best option for your home? Here are some facts on both:

  • A high-efficiency boiler can provide your family with efficient heating for many years. New boiler models have even been designed with energy efficiency ratings in mind! By switching to a high-efficiency boiler, you will be saving money on your home heating overall. Boilers warm the air that already exists in your home, so you will also be eliminating dust, pollen, and other allergens from entering your space. They also work well with programmable thermostats, making them quite user-friendly!
  • Much like a boiler, a new high-efficiency furnace will have no issue heating your home for many years. Furnaces work by heating the air and using a motor and air ducts to blow air throughout your home. Furnaces are typically less expensive and easier to install when compared to boilers. Much like a boiler, a furnace works well with smart thermostats.

Contact us today to discuss your options with one of our company’s experienced heating specialists.

Why Choose Us for Your New Heating Unit Installation in Salt Lake City?

Here are some of the reasons area residents have turned to us for heating services since 1984:

  • Professional Installations. Our technicians are licensed, bonded, and insured, and they will arrive promptly, dress presentably, and treat you with courtesy while keeping your home clean and tidy. Our technicians even bring vacuum cleaners with them to make sure that they leave your home every bit as clean as they found it.
  • Great Furnace and Boiler Brands. We are authorized dealers for the leading heating brands in the country.
  • The Latest System Upgrades. We can help you with upgrades to your existing or new system with some of the latest technologies, including air purification, humidity controllers, easy-to-read digital thermostats, and whole-home zoning so that the whole family can live in complete comfort.
  • Energy Efficiency Savings. We can help you choose a system that is energy efficient, saving you on your utility bills and protecting the environment at the same time.
  • Industry-Leading Warranties. You can be sure of a great warranty on both your new system and our workmanship.
  • Commitment to the Best Service. We’ll make the whole installation process as easy as possible with respect for your home and your time.
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. You’ll be delighted with the service you receive from Scott Hale. Call us for more details!