Pipe Leak and Copper Repiping Plumbers in Salt Lake City

For pipe problems in Salt Lake City, you’ll appreciate the friendly advice and professionalism you receive from Scott Hale Plumbing. Problems with your homes pipes can produce a range of common symptoms:

Leaking Water
This is normally easy to diagnose, but not necessarily as easy to locate. We can help find the source of the problem and suggest an appropriate remedy.

Water Pressure Problems
If you have low water or erratic water pressure then a partially blocked pipe may be the source of your problem. Often corroded pipes can be the cause with rust clogging the water flow.

Brown or Odd Smelling Water
If the water coming from your faucets is brown or has an odd ‘metallic’ smell then it’s likely that you have older galvanized pipes that are now corroding.In isolated cases it is often possible to patch up the problem, but if the issue has become chronic then it can be advisable to consider a repipe with more reliable copper piping, which is less prone to corrosion.

If this is something you are considering in Salt Lake City, then speak with Scott Hale Plumbing for a second opinion. We can offer you professional service from licensed, bonded and insured technicians that have respect for your time and your home. Not only that, but our workmanship is backed by a solid warranty, and we can even help with easy financing. So for all your pipe and repipe questions and problems in Salt Lake City, call Scott Hale Plumbing today!