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mom and daughter with broken central ac use small fan to keep cool

Help! My Central Air Conditioner is Not Cooling My Home

Utah summers can be brutal, with scorching temperatures often soaring to 100 degrees Fahrenheit or even higher. This makes an efficient air conditioning system or central AC unit something most residents don’t want to live without. If you’ve recently noticed that your central air conditioner is not cooling your home like it used to, then …

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AC condenser outside of Salt Lake City, UT, home.

3 Summer AC Maintenance Tips

Many people look forward to summer as an opportunity to enjoy the sunshine and warmer weather, but everyone knows there are days when you’d much rather spend your time in the cool interior of your home than outside, where heat and humidity can make life uncomfortable.

What Are Water Treatment Systems?

Throughout homes across the country, many experience avoidable plumbing problems. Mainly, this occurs from natural causes, including regular usage. Whether it is a clogged drain, a leaky pipe, or something else, many common plumbing concerns can be avoided through proper maintenance and care.

digital thermostat

What is a Digital Thermostat?

Heating and cooling your home in Salt Lake City should be as simple as pressing a button. Following the advance of technology, thermostats have gone digital. Therefore, consider replacing your outdated analog model with a digital wall thermostat that can keep your home at comfortable temperatures you program ahead of time.