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No Dig Trenchless Sewer Repair Specialists In Salt Lake City

For a faster, superior solution to damaged sewer and pipes on your Salt Lake City property, consider a trenchless no dig repair - the latest in innovative repair technology - and speak with the expert trenchless team at Scott Hale Plumbing, Heating & Air.

1. The Ultimate Pipe Repair Solutions – Trenchless

We invested in, what we believe is, the most efficient and effective pipe repair method. Trenchless technology allows us to repair and replace pipes their position, without the necessity to dig a trench through your property.

2. A Faster Pipe Repair Method

With no time spent digging up the existing pipes, we're able to get to work faster and will have your pipe repair or replacement finished quicker.

3. The Economical Repair Choice

The trenchless repair means you're not having to pay to restore the land that had to be dug up to access the pipes – this could easily have been a cherished garden or a path or driveway that would have required relaying of concrete or paving!

4. Solution For All Pipes

The trenchless method offers great versatility as it can create any length or width of pipe.

5. How Trenchless Works

The trenchless system works by pulling a new pipe inside the existing one. This takes away the need to dig up the damaged one and results in a faster repair method. We start by inserting a camera through the pipe to confirm the location and level of damage of the pipe. Once identified our pipe bursting technology pulls a bursting head through the existing pipe path, destroying the old pipe, but using the space underground to pull through a brand new sewer pipe behind it.

6. Salt Lake City's Trenchless Experts

Not only have we invested in the trenchless repair equipment, we've invested in specialised training to ensure our professional team provide you with a superior trenchless repair to your damaged pipes.

7. Excellent Warranty

Your new pipe comes with an excellent warranty on quality, plus all our labor is backed by our own written warranty too.

8. Full Price Up Front

You'll know the full cost of your trenchless 'no dig' repair before we commence work as we provide our customers with the full price up front.

9. Licensed And Insured

We're a fully licensed, insured and bonded Plumbing company you can depend on for your trenchless pipe repairs and all plumbing services across Salt Lake City.

For the best pipe repair solution in Salt Lake City, call and book your trenchless repair with the trenchless repair experts at Scott Hale Plumbing, Heating & Air today.

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