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When it comes to water we can fix it, replace it, or install it. No matter where you need repairs or replacements we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee with no trip charge to most Salt Lake City areas. Our friendly crew is ready to assist you with the following plumbing, water heater, water conditioning, and piping services:

Residential Plumbingplumbing-luxurytub

From bathroom remodels and faucet leaks to clogged toilets we are there. Problems in the Kitchen? We are there too, we won’t cook for you but we can repair ice machines and clear garbage disposals. Brand new washing machine in your laundry room? Let us hook that up for you. Basement drain clogged again? That’s an issue we can find and solve right away with our CCTV drain video inspection.

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Hot Water Plumbinghot-water-plumbing-hotwater2

After a long day, you can’t wait to hop in the shower but you’re surprised by cold water that never heats up. This is the absolute worst. Let us heat that water back up for you right away with our Hot Water Repairs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Looking for a new system because the old one just isn’t hot enough? We offer fast installations and have great deals on new systems.

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Tankless Water Heaterstankless1

Are you always running out of hot water to do the dishes because you have 5 kids that need clothes washed for school and sports practice tomorrow? It’s time to invest in peace of mind and a tankless water heater. These heaters will more than double the gallons of hot water produced each minute and save you almost 40% on your energy bill each month.

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Copper Repipingpipeprobs

Do you have water leaking out of your pipes? Do you have water pressure problems? Is your water brown? Does your water have a strange smell? In some cases these are easy fixes that can be patched up but in other cases the problem isn’t so simple. If the issue is more serious consider repiping with more reliable copper piping, that is less prone to corrosion. Additional questions about copper repiping?

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Water Conditioningplumbing-faucet1

Relax in a luxury home with our high quality water improvement systems. Want great water for your business as well? We offer a full range of water purifiers, softeners, and conditioners for your home and business. Installing these systems provides you with better water for drinking, bathing, and cleaning which is beneficial with our water hardness here in Salt Lake City. We do everything from repairs to new installments while keeping your best interests and needs at heart.

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Commercial Plumbingrestaurant

Scott Hale plumbing can help you with all of your commercial plumbing needs. Our tidy and respectful experts are committed to keeping your premises clean while getting the job done quickly. We deliver commercial invoicing options that fit into your accounting procedures, and we offer financing for our approved clients. Scott Hale also offers commercial heating and air services. We can help with high priority commercial services, guarantee professional workmanship, and offer service that is second-to-none.

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Scott Hale offers a variety of plumbing and water conditioning services which is why we are Utah’s #1 plumbing company. For all of your plumbing questions and service in Salt Lake City, call Scott Hale Plumbing today!